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So what topics are included in this epic class?

Nutrition for Longevity and Disease Prevention

This section makes up a large percentage of the course as it is essential we attain a good grasp of the scientific findings surrounding eating patterns and health outcomes. Food choices not only affect our physical health, but our mental health as well. Many of the leading causes of death are largely lifestyle based diseases. The course will cover the eating patterns research show can often prevent and sometimes even reverse many common diseases such as heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimers, kidney disease, and others. The basics of nutrition will be covered such as what the difference is between macronutrients and micronutrients.

Cooking Skills

Once I was invited to dinner and the woman preparing the meal complained about spending the entire day cutting vegetables in order to feed me! While cooking does require some time, learning proper knife skills is key to significantly speeding up the process. That is why I will be covering that basic skill for anyone that never learned or for those who feel they could use a refresher.

Struggle with setting your smoke alarm off because you just don’t know how to sauté without creating a smoke disaster? Or does your food always stick to the bottom of your pan? We will cover the how to properly heat your pans prior to sauté.

Many other cooking skills will also be covered so that you feel comfortable in your kitchen!

Medicinal Herbs

Using plants to heal is so ancient and ingrained in us earthlings, that even other species of animals have been observed consuming different plants than usual during times of illness in order to bring them back to wellness. Herbs used to be a pillar of our human healthcare, but most of us have become separated from this practice. Herbal medicine is more backed by scientific research that you might believe! And as herbalists often develop a spiritual connection to the earth and plants, this aspect will be covered as well. This course will provide an introduction to Herbology and present to you a number of herbs that I love and find can be particularly helpful with things such as menstrual pain, headaches, anxiety management, pep in your step energy, calming before sleep, improving immune function, and many more!

Environmental and Ethical Impacts of Agriculture

More and more people are becoming conscious consumers and voting with their dollars. What better place to start, than our food? We eat every day, multiple times a day and those little choices add up to a mountain of impact. We will be covering the environmental impact of agriculture on climate change, deforestation, ocean degradation, etc. and what options we have to lessen our footprint. The treatment of animals used for food will be discussed. While the world has many labor practice problems, agricultural workers face some of the harshest realities. This section of the course will offer some suggestions for ways to help, while also recognizing that we are all in different places in our lives, with different abilities to effect change.

Effective Methods to Create Habit Change

The Power of Mindset and Belief

Body Image and Self Love Practices

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“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your Philosophy.” Hamlet (Shakespeare)

Occult and Witchy Practices

Putting it All Together so that You Become a Powerful Kitchen Witch

Bonuses: Foraging, Composting, Picky Eaters, Tips to Reduce Alcohol Consumption (“Mocktail” Recipes), Lucid Dreaming and Herbs to Help get you there

Lucid dreaming is great for attaining experiences you otherwise wouldn’t be capable of.